Remote Deposit Capture

Morgantown Bank & Trust aims to provide you with all the tools to run your business as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Remote Deposit Capture allows businesses to scan and remotely deposit checks into their accounts. We provide all the equipment to ensure a secure and hassle free deposit process.

Remote Deposit Capture

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Remote Deposit Capture Features

  • Eliminate Trips to the Bank & Transportation Expenses
  • Extended Deposit Window for Same Day Credit
  • Save Money – Morgantown Bank and Trust Supplies All of the Equipment
  • Reduce Fraud
  • Faster Access to Funds
  • Reduce Time to Research Checks & Deposits
  • Make Deposits Anytime – 24/7
  • Access & Store Digital Check Images
  • Convenient and Safe

How does it work?

Our Remote Deposit Capture saves time by eliminating the need to visit the bank.

  1. Your company, ABC Corporation, receives payments by check in the mail or at the office.
  2. ABC Corp. performs their normal Remittance Processing.
  3. ABC Corp. prepares a deposit (deposit ticket with total and accompanying checks). This process typically includes counting the number of checks and adding the value of checks at least twice to ensure the deposit is accurate and balanced.
  4. With Remote Deposit Capture, instead of physically going to the bank to deposit the checks, ABC Corp. can now scan the deposit ticket and checks using a desktop scanner (provided by Morgantown Bank & Trust).
  5. Once the check images are captured, an ACH file (for eligible items) and/or an image-based deposit is prepared. The RDC system can then transmit (via FTP over the internet as a 128-bit encrypted file) the deposit to Morgantown Bank & Trust for processing.
  6. The Bank receives the ACH file and / or image deposit and posts to ABC Corp’s account following standard processing and availability timelines.