Christmas Club Savings Account

Benefits Christmas Club Savings
Opening Deposit $12 Minimum / $4,000 Maximum (Per Month)
Interest Bearing Feature Available
No Monthly Fee Feature Available
Checking Account Required Feature Available
Deposit Requirements Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly transfer required from MBT checking account
Withdrawals $10 Fee Per Withdrawal Prior to Disbursement

* The account may be opened at any time during the year.  All Christmas Club accounts will be disbursed annually between September 25th and September 30th.  The account will be automatically renewed unless notification is received from the account owner that they wish to terminate the account.

Christmas Club Savings Account Request

Use the form below or call (270) 526-3881 to speak with an account representative.

  • (If you answered "no" above, enter 9999.)
  • Choose $0 if you do not wish to make an initial deposit and would rather just start the account with your first automatic transfer and indicated below.
  • Monthly contributions cannot be below $12 or above $4,000 total. (Example: lowest contribution could be $6 bi-weekly and highest contribution could be $2,000 bi-weekly.)
  • DO NOT include any personal information (ex. full account numbers or SSN).
    The following provisions are important disclosures which apply to your election to receive electronic records. DEFINITIONS. In the provisions hereof, the terms “you” and “your” refer to the consumer, and the terms “we” and “us” refer to Morgantown Bank and Trust Co Inc. Also, the use of “you” and “your” shall be construed in the singular and plural, as the text requires. SCOPE AND DURATION. You have elected to receive all available disclosures, notices and other records from us in either paper or electronic form. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS. Your system must have the following necessary hardware and software in order to receive and retrieve electronically: Processor – 1.2GHz processor speed or higher PC running Windows 7 or newer Memory – 4GB RAM Disc Space - 50 MB's Free Space Monitor - 800 x 600 resolution or higher Browser - Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0 or higher PDF viewer - Acrobat Reader 9.0 or higher Internet access – with speeds of 3mbps or higher CONFIRMATION. By electing to have records provided to you in electronic form, you are hereby confirming your ability to access the information thru the email you have provided. When we notify you of any system change, you must reconfirm your consent according to the instructions provided at the time, or withdraw your consent, in the manner set forth below. CHANGING YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS. When you change your e-mail address or other contact information, you must provide us with your new e-mail address or other contact information. If you fail to provide us with this information and electronic records are returned undelivered, then the bank will assume you wish to withdraw your Electronic Disclosure request and you will then receive paper Disclosures. WITHDRAWAL OF CONSENT. If you would like to withdraw your consent to receive future documents electronically and would prefer paper copies, please call us at (270) 526-3881. If you withdraw your consent to receive documents electronically, the electronic service you are using will become unavailable to you, and your consent will not affect the validity or enforceability of prior electronic documents you received.
  • Please allow 1-2 business days for your account to be opened. You will receive an email with your account documents to be signed electronically. Your account will not be debited for the automatic transfers or the opening deposit (if applicable) until the signed forms are received.

    Please call (270) 526-3881 with any questions or if you have any trouble receiving your account documents by email.