Savings, CDs, & IRAs

Morgantown Bank & Trust offers a variety of savings account options. Enjoy convenient account access with FREE Online Banking and FREE 24-Hour Telephone Banking. Our friendly Customer Service Representatives will assist you in selecting the best account to suit your needs.

Benefits Traditional Savings MBT High Yield Omega Money Market Christmas/Vacation Club
Opening Deposit $50 $5,000 $12 Minimum / $4,000 Maximum (Per Month)
Interest Bearing Feature Available Feature Available †† Feature Available
No Monthly Fee Feature Available Feature Available Feature Available
Check Writing Prvileges N/A Feature Available ††† N/A
Min. Daily Balance $0.01


($10 service charge if balance drops below $5,000)

Checking Account Required N/A N/A Feature Available
Deposit Requirements N/A N/A Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly transfer required from MBT checking account *

6 per month


6 per month

**, ***

$10 Fee Per Withdrawal Prior to Disbursement

$50 minimum balance required to earn interest at our stated savings rate. (Interest rate varies and is subject to change daily)

†† Interest is paid on the collected balance, with interest rate varying and subject to change daily. Interest DOES NOT accrue on days that the balance drops below $5,000.

††† Up to 6 withdrawals/transfers per statement cycle, $10 for each additional check

* The account will be automatically renewed unless notification is received from the account owner that they wish to terminate the account. All Christmas Club accounts will be disbursed annually between September 25th and September 30th.  All Vacation Club accounts will be disbursed annually between March 25th and March 30th.  The account may be opened at any time during the year.

** A withdrawal is further defined as a transfer of funds to another account(s) at the same institution OR making third-party payment(s) by means of preauthorized, automatic, or telephonic transfers OR withdrawals made by check, debit card, or other similar order made by the depositor and payable to third parties.  A $3 charge(Money Market accounts have a $10 charge†††) will be assessed on each withdrawal in excess of 6 in a month (month is further defined as a calendar month OR statement cycle of at least four weeks).  Accounts that have in excess of 6 withdrawals in a month are considered in violation of Reg-D and a notice will be sent reminding you of the transaction limitations on this account.  If a second violation occurs within a rolling 12 month period, another notice will be sent informing you of the violation.  If a third violation occurs during a rolling 12 month period, the account will be converted to a transactional demand deposit account and a notice will be sent to inform you of this change.

*** Money Market account prevailing interest rates based on tiered balance structure.  The APY disclosed on the website is for the highest tiered balance.  For current rates and more information, please call 270-526-3881 during normal business hours.


Certificates of Deposit *

  • Certificates available from 91 days to 5 years
  • Minimum opening deposit of $500

Individual Retirement Accounts *

  • IRAs available from 6 months to 5 years
  • Fixed rate IRA Minimum opening deposit of $500
  • Variable rate IRA Minimum opening deposit of $50

* Early withdrawal penalty may affect earnings.